At the Frontier of Human Potential


Can Virtual Reality help people unleash the power of their minds to help heal their bodies? PNI Therapeutics and dozens of medical and Virtual Reality experts believe so. We are committed to improving the health and wellness of people with chronic diseases and illnesses through the immersive power of Virtual Reality.

PNI Therapeutics is working with hospitals, clinics, and VR developers to implement VR-based therapeutic programs to ease anxiety, stress, and pain among patients.

PNI Therapeutics is also at the forefront of developing digiceuticals, software as medicine, to augment and enhance standard of care treatments for chronic diseases. We recently completed a feasibility study among 36 cancer patients who reported an almost 2X improvement in their mental and physical health after using our VR application. Our mission is to quicken recovery, reduce mortality, and lower the costs of standard-of-care treatments by increasing the efficacy of pharmaceuticals through the use of VR. 

We are working with and seeking hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers who are interested in implementing VR-based therapeutic programs for their patients and clinical staff. 

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