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Medical Visionary

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Successful Clinical Research Professional: Oncologist, Psychiatrist, Immunologist, or Neuroscientist.

•    Planned, directed, and monitored the execution of clinical research operation activities involving major therapeutic areas such as oncology, immunology, neuroscience, and psychiatric disorders

•    Well respected physician-innovator, medical technology expert with medical and/or scientific experience

•    Devoted to integrate mind body medicine into mainstream healthcare by means of rigorous, evidence-based research

•    Compassionate, collaborative, open-minded, flexible and future-forward thinking with a strong sense of tomorrow

•    Expansive professional network

•    Good communication skills, able to work with non-medical co-founders

Seeking Medical Director

Are you passionate about the application of VR to improve the health and wellness of people with chronic diseases?

PNI Therapeutics is seeking a Medical Director to join our team in exchange for an equity position in our company.
We are looking for those who are ardent supporters of virtual reality and digital health technology, committed to furthering the understanding of mind- body medicine through research.​